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Rosina - 12" Natural Fiber Art Doll

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Rosina told me that her absolutely favourite thing in the whole wide world is to sneak outside at night and to look at all the stars and the moon. But how she so seldom has the chance to do that because it's also kinda scary at night when its all dark and there are strange sounds. Yet Rosina is an inventive girl -- her second favourite thing is to go out looking at the clouds -- she told me that she can spend hours just watching them go by, even sometimes falling asleep and dreaming how she rides on the clouds and gets to see the whole world. 


Rosina is 31cm (12") tall and made from premium Swiss dollmaking fabric. Her face has been sculpted gently with needle felting techniques. She is stuffed with 100% pure, clean sheep wool. Her hair is made from alpaca/wool yarn.

Rosina is a waldorf inspired play doll. 

Her dress is made with pure cotton and a tull ruffle. Her bloomers are made from upcycled tshirt material. The shawl is knit from artisanal dyed wool with long fringes. Her hat is knit from wool and has two tiny wool felt balls sewn on. Her socks are very soft cashmere and the boots are handfelted by myself from south american merino wool. There is a tiny flower button sewn to the front of her dress that closes in the back with two plastic snaps. 

Rosina has lovely freckles painted on. 

Rosina has a few tiny details and is for children over 3 years of age

The pattern for her is an exclusive Olive Sparrow design. 

Rosina - 12" Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosina - 12" Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosina - 12" Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosina - 12" Natural Fiber Art Doll

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