Phoebe - a handmade doll by Luletti


Phoebe is a bundle of loveliness, and is especially snugglesome dressed as she is in her gorgeous Cashmere (40%) and Merino Jumpsuit in a gorgeous dusky pink.
She also wears a woolly gnome hat with a splendid pom pom on the top and a pair of cosy snugletti boots in yak/ merino and kidsilk. All Phoebes clothes are hand knitted in fine artisan yarns.
(She also wears a pair of blue stripes sewn panties)

Please Note
I've had some problems uploading photos to this listing and in order that the image quality has been ok I've had to crop all images to make them square. Please check my website for full / uncropped pictures.

Phoebe is made with my 16" pattern although she actually stands around 15.5".
She has blue grey eyes, a pale skin tone, rosy cheeks, and the sweetest little smile. Her hair is blonde brushable wild mohair that has been hand crocheted into a wig. Phoebe is more firmly stuffed than my earlier dolls. 

Luletti dolls are made with a lot of love, many careful stitches and attention to detail. I use swiss cotton tricot and lovely clean organic sheep fleece for stuffing and a mixture of needle felting and traditional trying methods for sculpting the faces and stuffing.
Each doll sits easily and unaided, has knee and elbow dimples, a tummy button and a lightly sculpted posterior. 

Each luletti doll and all their clothing have been designed and handmade by me. The dolls fit all knitting patterns available in my etsy shop so for the knitting bee mama, there are some possible projects. I am passionate about natural, ethical and low impact materials and wherever possible use these.

Please Note

Luletti dolls are adult collectables and are not suitable for babies or young children due to potential hazards from long fibres, ties and small parts. 

I can only ship to the address given on the Paypal account and to countries where it is possible to use an insured delivery service. 

This is available in the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 
If you live anywhere else please check with me before purchasing.

If you would like more info and to see other examples of my work please visit my website.

Thank you <3

Phoebe - a handmade doll by Luletti

Phoebe - a handmade doll by Luletti

Phoebe - a handmade doll by Luletti

Phoebe - a handmade doll by Luletti

Tags: Dollectable, Waldorf, Natural fiber, doll

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