Please note that I will charge shipping. Also, as you can see, Janni doesn't wear any clothes yet. She will of course travel fully clothed so please give us a few weeks for picking out and making clothes before shipping.

Janni was made with my smaller pattern, but I haven't measured her yet. I think she will be a bit over 10 inches but I have been known to err with numbers and especially inches ;)
Her skin colour is dark tan, she has dark brown eyes and colourful handspun yarn hair I have bought a while back (as I have been using  mostly wefts and locks lately - creating Janni I cannot remember why and how this happened!). I think it was made by Spinning Wheel Studio but I cannot be sure.

You can all pictures I took of her so far here:
like all vergissmeinnichtKuss dolls, Janni is not suitable for small children.





Tags: Dollectable, vergissmeinnichtKuss, Little

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