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Willow - Natural Fiber Art Doll 31cm/12"

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Willow —Willow is the name of this months doll for Dollectable — she was originally created at the end of last year, but she was just not ready to look for her forever family until now. She needed to be here with me for a bit. Our goodbye had to take a little time. You see, I made her just as I was moving into my new studio space. She has inspired me every time I look at her. The name Willow holds so much meaning for me — Willow (the plant) can be shaped into anything — it grows fast — it can be upright, or swaying downwards as in a Weeping Willow where it can also embrace you and transport you into another world. Willow bows growing on both sides of a path — creating a magical space. Now that a lot of my new space has found its shape and I feel quite grounded, Willow is ready to share her inspiration with you. Perhaps she will be part of your journey and guide you? 


Willow is about 31cm tall and slender. She is made from Swiss dollmaking fabric from my own pattern. Her hair is a silk/alpaca yarn, fine and soft in a lovely medium brown colour. She wears clothing sewn in part from up-cycled fabric — cottons and woollens. Her top was sewn from a very special tapestry sample I purchased at the closing of a local fabric shop that has been in Toronto for over 50 years. It was the one shop that has guided much of my creative fibre journey — always offering new and wonderful cloth — always different and amazing qualities. Finding out it was closing was a shock to many —I wished I had enough of the fabric to sew a grown-up version of her top. 

Her hat is knit from a silk/wool blend and has a fun pompon securely sewn to the top. The hat is made ftom my own pattern. Willows pants are seen from lucious blue velveteen. 

Willow is made with all natural materials. Her face is gently needle felted to create features, yet to leave her expression open to interpretation. 

She would make a wonderful doll for a child or adult collector. As all Natural Fibre Art Dolls, she is stuffed with pure, super clean wool from German Merino sheep. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and her lips and cheeks are blushed with natural bee’s wax. 


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Willow - Natural Fiber Art Doll 31cm/12"

Willow - Natural Fiber Art Doll 31cm/12"

Willow - Natural Fiber Art Doll 31cm/12"

Willow - Natural Fiber Art Doll 31cm/12"

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