Dollhouse Family of 4

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  Dollhouse Family of 4

There is an autumn chill in the air as the days grow shorter. The kids say they aren't cold but have agreed to put on a scarf or earmuffs for a little warmth when outside to keep mom happy!  Mom and dad have jackets to help keep the chill away. 

This listing is for a cute modern family of 4 dollhouse dolls, two adults and two children. Handmade with the finest natural materials, 100% wool felt, clean carded wool for stuffing, cotton knit, and mohair. All clothing is made with 100% wool felt and is not removable, except the scarf, earmuffs, the jacket and the cape are. Dad's jacket is fastened with a handmade wood button by Penguin and Owl Acre's Woolly Creations (thank you Jody!).

The dollhouse dolls are wooden bendy dolls with a fabric waldorf-style head, and are poseable.  The mother and father measure about 15 cm (6") tall and the brother and sister measure about 11 cm (4.25") tall.  Father has gingery hair and blue eyes, Mother has long blond hair (the locks are a little fluffy and some might still shed) and brown eyes, Brother has spiky brown hair and brown eyes, and Sister has short blond hair and blue eyes.

This listing is being offered as an auction.  Please bid in increments of either $2 or $5. 

As there are small parts (and fuzz from the mohair), it is recommended that this dolls are for ages 3 and up and those who do not put items in their mouths.

Thank You for looking!
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Dollhouse Family of 4

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