Fudgkins, a wee gnome


Fudgkins the Wee Gnome
by Posie and Pudge

Thank you all for such a wonderful 2016!!!     Fudgkins and I are super excited for the year to come, and I giggle imagining all the yummy chocolate that will be  nibbled and the coffee yet to be sipped while creating more little dollys this upcoming year.  And he hopes that in his new home, there will be lots of sweets!

Fudgkins is made with all natural materials, including a soft  wool body, European tricot skin, cotton embroidery floss, a cashmere gnome cap, and soft squishy wool stuffing.  His arms are button jointed with wee wooden buttons and his cheeks have been rouged with beeswax crayon. 
(Because of their teensy bits, lil Posies are not a toy and not intended for young children)

Fudgkins, a wee gnome

Fudgkins, a wee gnome

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