Bee Bee - a little 4.5" Posie


Bee Bee
a 4.5" wee lil Posie

With Spring just around the corner,  my fingers are itching to get into the dirt to plant our wildflower seeds and our quaint little vegetable garden.  The summer blooms fill our house with color each summer, and their nectar draws the attention of wonderful busy buzzy bees.  We love to watch them dance around the garden, performing their acrobats as they diligently gather nectar, flittering from bloom to bloom.

Bee Bee was born from that giddy anticipation of the Spring to come.   She has warm, sunkissed skin, beeswax rouged freckled cheeks, and sky blue eyes.

Her hair is deep auburn brown brushed mohair, she has a cashmere sunshine yellow body, stuffed with wool, and embroidered with simple bumble bee stripes.   Her embroidered wings are sewn from silk, and will help her flutter from flower to flower all spring and summer long.    Since we still have morning frost here, and bees do hate to be chilly, Bee Bee will arrive wearing a soft hand knit scarf too :)

Bee Bee - a little 4.5" Posie

Bee Bee - a little 4.5" Posie

Bee Bee - a little 4.5" Posie

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