Abrielle, 20" Posie and Pudge Natural Fiber Art Doll


20" Natural Fiber Art Doll
by Posie + Pudge

The past few weeks have been delightful as I watched Abri transform from an idea in my mind into a sweet dear to hold and love.  

When I first started to dream up Abrielle, we were in the middle of a rainstorm.   The wind was blowing, leaves were floating past my window, and the sound of the rain on the roof was peaceful and melodic.

Sitting in our snug warm home with my family while wearing my wooly slippers and  sipping on strong dark coffee, I was happy and content.  I felt a deep down gratitude and thankfulness for it all.   I longed to capture those feelings in a doll.  A little soul that reflected the same warmth and love that I felt in that moment.

The weeks have gone by as Abri came to life, and in that time the rustling leaves turned to frost covered ground and the dreary grey skies have changed to clear and icy blue.   And still, I can see her, and I feel that warmth of that stormy day. 

Abri's skin is Swiss Tricot in a golden mocha, deep and rich, and blushed with a tint of beeswax rouge on her sculpted cheeks, nose, and lips.  Her almond eyes are deep brown, with just a touch of lashes. Her  hair is deep black, long, mohair weft, sewn securely to a wool cap.   It is long enough to braid, and has a coarse natural texture which holds style well. 
She is created from cotton and wool, and has been stuffed firmly, but with some give, so she melts into your arms.    Her limbs are attached in a way that allows for great mobility, and although she is a big 20" girl, she has a flopsy feeling when walking with her as her legs and arms sway back and forth.  She sits well, ready to listen to a story or read a book, and is patient enough to stand for a bit if propped against something so her legs don't get tired.

Abri runs outside every chance she gets...often too swiftly to worry about pesky inconveniences like jackets or mittens.   The only thing I can count on her wearing are her moccasin boots.   She can hike anywhere in them she says, even to the parts really deep in the forest, through the ferns, where the moss is thick and plush, and her feet stay warm and dry.

She usually takes her wooly shawl with her too.  She leaves the house with it wrapped around her shoulders, and returns with it in her hand, knotted at the top and heavy with the treasures she found on her hike:  Tufts of moss to make the elf's beds, rocks in the shape of butterflies, sticks that *must* be magic wands, and seeds that helicopter down when she tosses them in the air....these always make her giggle.

Abri's looking all around and making sure she packs everything for her journey, she will be coming home with:
-Her sweet 20" self
-Linen tunic with shirred sleeves, silk ruffled hem and accents, silk embroidery, and vintage lace accents.
-Bark colored bloomers in super soft fine wale corduroy with gathered hems
-Hand knit merino shawl, knit using the Winterludes pattern and Malabrigo wool in a dusky, winter sky grey
-Hand knit lace merino wool socks to keep her toes warm and cozy and pretty
-Leather Moccasin  boots, ready for snow or rain...There is no way to keep Miss Abri inside, so sturdy shoes are a must
-Organic cotton Pj's :  striped organic cotton knit bottoms with a coordinating organic cotton knit top...okay these are pj's but the pants look darling as leggings, and the top is adorable with the bloomers, so she can mix and match her outfits however she wishes and shhhhhh we won't tell anyone she is wearing jammies ;)
-and a dainty silk braided friendship bracelet, so she can always feel close to her fellow Posie sisters and brothers

Thank you for taking a moment to meet Abri.   I hope her warmth and peacefulness is contagious and she spreads her joy around. This world needs more happy.
xx Kristin and Abri

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Abrielle will be carefully packed for her journey home, please allow five days for her to get her belongings together and say her farewells before she travels home to you. Her traveling fees are for priority shipping and include insurance. If you prefer a different method of shipping, please message me after purchase, I am happy to ship her however would make you happy.

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