Lennon- 18" Posie+Pudge Art Doll



n the Giggler
18" Natural Fiber Art Doll
by Posie and Pudge

Lennon loves to laugh, and she can find something silly to giggle at in any situation...even in circumstances which might call for a bit more, um, self-control.

She has been known to blow raspberries during story time, then she collapses into fits of giggles until she can't breathe.  She keeps pretend worms in her pocket and likes to wiggle them in our faces when we least expect it.  When we squeal out in surprise, she squeals in turn with satisfaction.    Sweet little stinker.


Never one to follow a crowd, Lennon has her own sense of style.   She loves bright colors, wild patterns, and most of all, loves to be cozy. 

As the air turns crisp and the leaves turn brown, she is a burst of sunshine.    She keeps warm with her cozy wool knit sweater and striped knit wool socks.   The sweater reminds her of one her grandpa wore, and brings back memories of his rosy cheeks and easy smile, his stories and sitting with her on Sunday mornings to do the crossword together.     She wears it with everything, and it's seldom out of her sight.  

Lennon is ready to travel and stay warm wherever she may go, she will pack with her:
-A Cotton Lawn floral jumper, with tulle underskirt
-Pale Pink Organic cotton long sleeved t-shirt with striped cotton trim and vintage crochet flowers
-Buttery soft cashmere pants with gathered hems
-hand knit striped folksy socks, knit from warm cushy wool
-Hand knit wool cabled grandpa sweater, with cowled neckline
-the cutest cotton undies with printed peaches and pom pom trim
-velvet shoes with suede soles and cotton lawn floral lining

Lennon is 18", and although she is stuffed firmly, she is flopsy and wonderful to hold.   I can't help but walk by her and swoop her up for a moment.    Her arms are so flopsy it's like she hugs right back.

She sits with ease, and stands with assistance.

Lennon is sewn from Terracotta De Witte European tricot, and is stuffed with clean carded wool.    Her face has been needle sculpted with hours of care, and her body has been stuffed firmly, and sculpted with wee knees, elbows, bum, and belly button.

Her hair is a delightful mess of black curls, created with mohair weft sewn. 

So much love went into Lennon, I hope you can feel a bit of it and smile.
Thank you for giving Lennon a peek!
xx Kristin and Lennon

Lennon- 18" Posie+Pudge Art Doll

Lennon- 18" Posie+Pudge Art Doll

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