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Hallie j  is a 19" tall girl.  She has long blonde bombshell va va voom hair.  This is kind of funny because she is really not a vavavoom kind of girl.  She is a smart girl with a lots of humor going on behind her serious eyes.  She mostly keeps her funny thoughts to herself because people are always so surprised to hear them.  Her wig is made from commercial camel fiber weft.  It is fun to organize and style in different ways. 

Hallie J first made an impression on me however before she had her hair.  I think normally, dolls seem younger and more innocent before their hair.  But in this case, Hallie seemed more sophisticated.  Maybe Hallie, pre-hair, is a glimpse at who she'll become as she grows into young adult hood.

Hallie J has a handknitted striped wool stocking cap and handkitted wool socks.  Her shoes are made from lined linen and have leather soles.  They fasten in the back with pretty pearly cream buttons and an elastic loop.  She has soft cotton undies.  Her pants are made from a nubby cornflower blue silk fabric.  
They are gathered at the ankles and gathered to the waistband and are SO comfortably baggy.  Hallie has a spring dress made from creamy light cotton that has a tiny blue and cream print.  The ribbon around it is a piece of pretty periwinkle velvet.  Over the dress because it is still early spring and tends to be chilly, is a cozy vest made out of super soft chenille with a cotton lining.  Depending on where Hallie J ends up travelling she'll probably have a set of summer play clothes with her as well.  All of Hallie's clothes were designed and made by me for her in my studio. 

a handmade girl doll by Inviting Play

Hallie J is not designed or intended for young children.  Please play with her if you are 8 and up.  

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you.  

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