Raven Moon


When you ask Raven what her favorite color is she will give you the weird eye. Why? Because she doesn't have one, she loves all colors.

When you ask Raven if she prefers stripes over polkadots, she will start laughing.
Why? Because prints look best when used all together.

When you ask Raven why her hair is purple, she give you a puzzled look.
Why? Because she doesn't understand how you ask such a dumb question. Her hair is purple because her hat is purple. 

When you ask Raven why she has bare legs but wears a hat on her head and a scarf around her neck, she will shrug.
Why? Because she just feel like it. 

Raven Moon is an 18 inch LIEF monster doll. She is a funky girl with a very specific taste. She is made of terra cotta skin jersey of De Witte Engel, stuffed very firm with organic German sheepswool. Her hair is hand dyed purple curly mohair weft, machine and hand sewn onto a wool felt cap. Her clothing consists out of the following pieces:
- pink socks
- purple red woolen crocheted boots with liberty laces
- hankie pants
- a flowery twirl dress whit liberty bias tape which closes with straps on the chest with golden star snaps
- a woolen knit grey blue shrug which closes with liberty cord
- a handknit handspun rainbow scarf
- a handknit handspun purple hat

Raven Moon is not suitable for small children. LIEF monster dolls are collectables.

Raven Moon

Raven Moon

Raven Moon

Raven Moon

Tags: Dollectable, LIEF monster, doll, handmade, wool, waldorf, steiner

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