Moira. NFAD 8"




Moira is a small mysterious doll - only 8".
The mystery is on her face - I decided do not make a face - she can be happy or serious  as mind demand.
The first Waldorf idea was to make simple dolls, just like her ;-)


More over Moira is a Celtic name which means "beautiful". 

Now a few words about her body....Moira has a wire inside - from neck to navel - where I put a ceramic ball to make her body more stable and a little heavier than just a wool.
The wire is also inside the arms and legs so she can pose differently. 
She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me where animals are most welcomed :-) 
All her body was needle felted many many hours.
I have used a wax to make her cheeks more visible as much as little knees. 

She has got dark green eyes, mohair hair. They are rather plum than burgund - it is visible only somewhere.

She wears a dress, underdress, pants, socks, a wooly jumper and some crocheted hair decoration.

Everything was made by hand. 
All body stitches and a light dress were made on the old Singer machine from 1914 y - what makes her more precious.

She has a small anchor on her chest - this is my baltic signature given to each doll. Please open the link given below to see more pictures 

The jumper yarn was dyed with corn poppy and then spinned by me :-)
She is rather slim just like 10 - 12 yo girl. 

The doll will be send in 2-3 business day. . 

Thank you for visiting, 

Much of Love, 

Aleksandra & Moira

Moira. NFAD 8"

Moira. NFAD 8"

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