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Lumi- 16" fully articulated natural fiber art doll


"Then, just when no one was looking, it came. One flake, two flakes, five, eight, ten and suddenly the air was filled with soft powdery snowflakes, whispering quietly as they sifted down."
 -excerpt from White Snow, Bright Snow by A. Tresselt

Lumi, whose name is the Finnish word for snow, is a OOAK fully articulated natural fiber art doll by Mon Petit Frère. She stands 16" tall and has the realistic proportions of a young child. Her head and limbs have been carefully needle felted in sweet smelling eco wool over many, many hours to create firm facial features and smooth and shapely arms and legs.

Lumi is made to take on many different poses. The ball and button joints at her knees and elbows and a sturdy wired skeleton at her shoulders and hip joints allow to create and hold many natural poses. Her posable internal structure also runs from her head all the way though her torso, allowing her neck to tilt and subtly rotate and her back to arch or bend forward. This posability allows for endearing gestures and adds an extra element of fun to those who love to photograph their dolls.

Lumi can sit without assistance and with the proper balance can stand on her own, though she'd prefer a bit of external support if standing for a long time as she can get tired rather quickly.

Her feet have been weighted with doll makers glass mini beads. Her arms and leg joints have been meticulously hand sewn with tidy stitching over many hours and late nights. Her skin is made from Laib Yala Swiss doll making cotton interlock and jersey and she is firmly stuffed with clean carded eco wool.

Her hair is made from long, luxuriously soft golden brown alpaca locks. I have securely sewn them in wefts then hand stitched them neatly to a wig, which in turn is stitched to her head.   Her eyes are embroidered a lovely deep shade of steel blue.

She comes wearing a hand knit dress, a layered petticoat with satin waistband, a faux fur coat (not natural fiber) with wooden buttons, a removable headband with whimsical antlers decorated with hand sewn flowers, socks, crocheted boots and of course her undies!

*Lumi is a collectable doll not suited for small hands but rather for the adult collector. Not for children under 8 due to small parts and long, delicate fibers*

Thank you kindly for your love and support of handmade, one of a kind natural fiber dolls ~xoxo, Megan

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