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Flore, 17'' Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ


Flore is a sparkling and lively doll. She'll make you smile if you look at her straight in the eye! Listen to her sweet voice, she will tell you happy fable stories ...!

Flora measures just over 17 inches. She's made from sheep wool which has been sculpted, needle-felted, rolled or stuffed to obtain the best proportions possible. She's a fully articulated doll. She can take many poses for successful photo shoots, or simply to sit comfortably in your showcase. Flore is jointed at the knees and elbows. She can sit alone, and she can stand with some little assistance. She can also tilt her head to the side to catch all your attention! A wire armature goes from the very core of her head down into her belly for a reinforced security. Buried deep into her bottom is a small pouch of glass beads to give her weight and stability.

Flore's hair has required a lot of work. These gorgeous locks are from cotswold sheep. These natural fibers were dyed by hand by a local farmer. I then washed and wefted them in my studio. These wefts were then sewn by hand on a cap.

Flore will travel with two outfits. She will take her vintage blouse. It's very well preserved. I tailored it to Flore's size and decorated with some lovely embroidery (I specify that it is slightly worn in two places, which proves its authenticity!). These embroideries on the front and back hide these tiny marks of time. This small shirt is made of very light-weight cotton. This fabric was commonly used for children's clothing fifty years ago. It is lined with very fine lace at the collar and sleeves, original and also very well preserved lace. I cleaned it and bleached it to regain its natural glow.
A bloomer matching the appliqué on the blouse will complete the set.
The second outfit is made up of a hand-knitted parma dress, accompanied by a pair of underpants a lovely fabric that I adore with "bonjour" prints.
These two outfits will be complemented by a pair of frou-frou socks, as well as a pair of real suede shoes.

Due to her construction and the materials used, Flore can't be considered as a toy for little children.

Pattern for Flore's knitted dress: Winterludes' Snæfell dress available here 


Flore, 17'' Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ

Flore, 17'' Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ

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