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Ruby- 11.5” natural fiber art doll


Meet Ruby, an 11.5" natural fiber art doll by Mon Petit Frère. She is made from my new pattern and has the realistic proportions of a school aged child. Her head and limbs have been carefully needle felted in sweet smelling eco wool over many, many hours to create firm facial features and smooth and shapely arms and legs. Her legs have been internally jointed at the knees to create a knee cap and floppy knee joints. Her body and feet are heavily weighted with dollmaker’s glass beads, making her feel hearty for her size and an absolute delight to hold.  Her arms and legs are sewn with tiny stitches at the shoulders and top of legs for a standard hinge style joint. Her skin is made from DWE cotton jersey. 

Ruby has a sturdy armature running from her head through to her belly. This allows her head to move subtly from side to side and up and down, providing endearing gestures and adding an extra element of fun to those who love to photograph their dolls. 
Her hair is made from red brushed mohair yarn which is crocheted into a wig and firmly sewn onto her head and her eyes are embroidered a lovely deep shade of hazel green. 

She comes wearing a hand knit dress with knitted lace detailing, a floral underskirt, undies, leather shoes, socks and a hair ribbon. 

*Ruby is a collectable doll not suited for small hands but rather for the adult collector. Not for children under 7 due to small parts and long, delicate fibers*

Thank you for your love and support of hand crafted dolls! 


*Postage/insurance costs over $1 will be refunded. If shipping to Canada, please contact me with the best method for shipping (if not using USPS, if may be a bit more that will be invoiced separately) 

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