Pearl a Freckles and Frills Bitty Girl


Meet Pearl. She is is a sweet calm girl who wishes for nothing more than to be the angel in her school's Christmas play. She loves watching snow fall, but isn't too keen to run out and get wet playing in it. 

Pearl stands just over 3" tall. She is made with cotton interlock and stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is made of mohair that has been brushed out and braided in to cute little braids.  

Our dolls are the perfect size for little hands to tote around on adventures and to hide in little pockets so there is always a friend close by. 

Pearl a Freckles and Frills Bitty Girl

Pearl a Freckles and Frills Bitty Girl

Tags: Dollectable, Freckles and Frills, waldorf doll, waldorf, doll, wool

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