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Many moons ago,  under the canopy of an ancient white oak, there was a magical event brought about by a rare celestial phenomenon. In that time long ago;  the planets of Mercury, VenusMars, Jupiter and Saturn aligned for but a brief and wondrous second.  At this exact moment, the moonlight broke though the thick leaves of the old tree and shone upon the twisted knots on its thick bark. From the knots, a dozen baby fairies were born. 

I proudly present to you Aviva, one of the dozen fairy sisters. Though she has been on this earth for longer than any of us, her soul is still that of a child. The wisdom gained over the many years around the sun, is that of love, kindness, joy and the eternal innocence and virtue of a child. (For see, she is only 8 years old in “fairy years” ). It is souls such as these (both human and fairy) that help to make the world a more wonderful place.

Aviva is natural fiber art doll made by Mon Petit Frère. She is made from my 18" pattern and has the realistic proportions of a school aged child. Aviva is heavier than my standard doll in this size. The bottom half of her legs and her torso are lined and filled with fine glass beads. This gives her substantial weight which makes her a delight to hold. Her head and limbs have been carefully needle felted in sweet smelling eco wool over many, many hours to create firm facial features and smooth and shapely arms and legs.   Her arms and legs are sewn with tiny stitches at the shoulders and top of legs for a standard hinge style joint. Her skin is made from DeWitte Engel cotton interlock.

Aviva has a sturdy armature running from her head through to her belly. This allows her head to move subtly from side to side and up and down, providing endearing gestures and adding an extra element of fun to those who love to photograph their dolls. 

Her hair is made from shiny and gloriously long tibetan lamb wig, which is made to fit snugly to her head and securely sewn in place . Her cheerful eyes are embroidered a deep grey blue. Her cheeks, nose, elbows and knees are blushed with tinted beeswax.

She comes wearing the following:

-a linen pullover tunic with leather and wooden button closure
-a tie on skirt made with strips of lightweight fabric 
-a pin on (brooch)  pair of machine and hand embroidered linen wings with leather detailing
-a thick leather helmet in the shape of a twisted tree root
-a leather tie belt 
-a leather belt pouch with a twig button closure
-a pair of leather elfin sandals with leather lace ties
-a pair of leggings
-a miniature journal with several pages of her drawings and observations
-a party dress made of with watercolored” hand dyed and hand painted layers, with shoulder tie closures and antique mother of pearl buttons

*Aviva is a collectable doll not suited for small hands but rather for the adult collector. Not for children under 8 due to some small and delicate parts and longfibers*

Thank you for your love and support of hand crafted dolls! 


*Postage/insurance costs over $1 will be refunded.

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