"Magnolia" a 12" Glimmer Row doll
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Magnolia is a 12" Glimmer Row doll. She prefers to go by "Mags" and she is a little bit of self conscious girl. Her torso is slightly small, but I assured her that she is lovely just the way she is!
Mags is made with high quality cotton jersey skin from De Witte Engel. She is stuffed firmly in the limbs and just a bit less firmly in the torso, with 100% wool batting.  She has a cute bum and bellybutton. Her arms and legs are sewn to her body by hand with heavy duty thread for durability. All of the hand stitching is tidy and clean. Her hair is warm brown colored, wavy wefted adult mohair in a wool crocheted cap. Her head is firm and will hold shape well. Her eyes are hand embroidered with cotton floss. She is wearing a top made with linen, and cotton, denim skinny jeans and wool boots that are knit my Melissa of Mouse and Dimples . She also has little undies and a hat made from a recycled sweater. Her shirt closes in the back with plastic snaps and her pants have an elastic waist. Lots of time and love went into her creation and I hope you love her as much as I do. :) ~ Lindsey  
Glimmer Row dolls contain small parts and are not intended for children under 3 years of age.
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