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Nailah - 21'' Art Doll by mARTi creates


Please meet Nailah, a 21'' Natural Fiber Art Doll designed and handcrafted by Regina Marti, mARTi creates.

'Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" Maya Angelou

Nailah is created from soft sheepís wool, organic cotton jersey, a wire armature and lots of imagination, joy and attention to little detail.

Nailah is about 21-22 inches (55cm) tall. Her heads, torso, arms and legs are needle felted over a wire armature; covered with organic cotton jersey and jointed at shoulders and hips. She has sparkly teddy bear eyes, hand sculpted features and a crocheted wig from soft Mohair yarn. Please note that the hair style canít be changed.

Nailah comes with cute little undies, pants, a blue cotton dress, warm socks, felt shoes, a hand knitted cardigan and a hand knitted lace cowl.

Please visit for more pictures of Nailah and Khari!

Please also note that my dolls are meant for the adult collector or the older child. They are not toys due to small details, wire and tiny parts.

All prices are in British pound (GBP). Nailah is about 425USD plus shipping.

Thank you very much for your visit!

All the best, Regina x

Nailah - 21'' Art Doll by mARTi creates

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