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Jax, short for Jacqueline, a 14" Inviting Play girl who loves baby dolls


Jax, short for Jacqueline,

is a 14" girl made from my size small pattern which can vary in size between 12 - 14". 

Jax is made with tan Laib Yala skin from Switzerland and is stuffed with American carded wool.  Her eyes are brown and her stuffing firm.

So this is Jax. 
She lives inside her head a lot, lost in imagination. 

She plays with baby dolls. 

Her favorite is a little handmade baby-doll fashioned from scraps in a sort of primitive style. The baby doll's name is pink baby. So called because of her pink cheeks.

She doesn't just play with her really.  She pretends Pink baby is real. 
She takes care of her and asks for help with the swaddling.

She comes with crocheted shoes from soft grey alpaca yarn, cotton undies with pink trim, muted spring green cotton trousers with little dots. 
A cotton slip dress with little embroidered details and ruffles, and a tunic with a large pocket.   Her dresses fasten with buttons and a hook and eye closure and snaps. 

She'll also come with her Pink Baby wrapped in a swaddler.

 Jax has mohair locks that I purchased directly from a goat keeper here in the United States.  Then, I wefted, washed and crocheted the locks into a wig.  This is a first for me and I was expecting it to be painstakingly difficult - but it wasn't really.  It was time consuming - but not difficult.  I'm excited for this new path in my journey - making my own wefts.  I really like the idea that they are locks from a small farmer not too far from home. 

They are lovely and soft and curly but they are fragile.  Most of the commercial wefts I've used shed and these are no different - little wispies will shed but I think her wig will hold up to gentle adult or very gentle older child play.  The locks can be tamed by carefully taking them one by one on your finger and gently combing or brushing.  The shouldn't be roughly combed or brushed.  Then they can be spritzed and scrunched.  I prefer the wild child look for Jax but they can be tamed a little if that becomes desirable.

She sits very well unassisted but needs help to stand.
Like all my dolls, Jax is not perfect.  I don't make perfect dolls - but I hope to make up for what they are missing in factory like perfection, by packing them with one-of-a-kindness, handmade loveliness and good feelings.  I don't intentionally try to make my dolls imperfect, but I do try to focus on each doll as an individual and bring out of each a unique personality.  Jax has a wee wrinkle under her cheek at her neckline that doesn't impact her soundness or playability and can only be seen when her head is tipped backward.  She is beautiful in my eyes the way she is but if perfection is what appeals to you most - she may not be for you.

Though each of my dolls and their clothing, is double and triple stitched and can be manipulated into many positions and engage in lots of play, they are not appropriate for young children.  This doll in particular, because of her delicate hair and small things like buttons and hook and eyes and snaps, Jax is not a play thing for a young child.  In fact, I wouldn't recommend her for children under 8.  She would make a wonderful companion for an older child or adult.  I hope there is someone out there who feels Invited to Play by Jax and will welcome her into their home. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can find me on the internet :
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Thank you for your support of Inviting Play and all Handmade dolls and doll artists!!

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