Opal Celeste, 23" by Angelique Angels


Opal Celeste is a 23" doll made in Cape Town by Angelique Angels.

She is made with Swiss Tricot and stuffed with pure South African merino. She has a small rose quartz buried deep inside her chest. She has belly button, bottom, knees, elbows and a little dimple cleft in her chin.

Opal Celeste has green eyes and lovely violet mohair weft for hair. Her wig has been crocheted with South African mohair using the technique developed by Gabi from Fairywool Dolls.

Her dress is made from soft chiffon in shades of lilac and pink. The dress has two layers gathered from a lilac yoke. The yoke does up at the shoulder with a covered floral pink button. There is a hand made silk ribbon floral detail on the edge of the yoke which introduces a hint of green to bring out her eyes. On the yoke of the dress there is a chiffon rose in matching deep pink. This rose is not removable.

She has a mohair shawl knitted with a Winterludes pattern. The shawl is knitted in two shades of South African mohair. Note that this shawl closes with a pearly hat pin which is sharp on the end and not suitable for children.

Her shoes are crocheted in the same shades of pink as her shawl and tie with lilac satin ribbons.

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Opal Celeste ships with the South African Post Office. She can be expected to arrive in one to two weeks. She will have a tracking number and insurance where possible. She will be shipped by Thursday.

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