Button Blossom- a 7" Brownie by Posie and Pudge


Button Blossom Picklepants is really her full name, but around here, we call her Button.
She is a clever little Brownie, with a tendency towards mischief...not that she's mischievous on purpose, oh no no.   She just loves to giggle and laugh, and if she is bored, well....she'll find ways to amuse herself.   She loves to explore and find treasures everywhere she goes, and she uses those treasures to decorate her wee little house.
Button is 7" tall, sewn with sunkissed DeWitte cotton tricot, and stuffed with sweet clean carded wool.  Her face is sculpted and her neck is created with wool covered wire armature, so she can move her head slightly up, down, and from side to side.    It makes it quite fun to pose her, but her new family should be gentle with her.   She also has sculpted knees, bum, and belly button (yes, Brownies have belly buttons!)     Her eyes are a deep brown, and her hair is brushed dollymo Wild, and can be styled a number of ways.  

Button loves color, and dressed herself in a vintage floral skirt with Liberty print waistband (doubles as a simple dress), a simple cotton gauze dress with light blue striped bodice, a knit short sleeved cardigan/top, undies, and striped socks.

Her home is a hodgepodge of found treasures.   She likes to be snuggly when she sleeps: A wool stuffed cotton floral  mattress, wool and lavender stuffed pillow, handknit cotton/wool blanket in skyblue with rainbow trim, teeny tiny little quilt, and a vintage embroidered hanky make sure she always has sweet dreams.

It has a little cotton/wool crocheted rug to cozy up the place, a beautiful quartz crystal that casts her home in rainbows with the morning sun (and if you look into it, there are little rainbows all inside) , and a tree branch table to enjoy her num nums and coffee.   She painted some flowers to hang on her wall too, and hung a clothesline up, decorated with crystals and vintage doilies.

Due to her petite size and  her rather small bits, Button is best for an adult collector or older child.
If you would like to see more pictures of Miss Button, please visit my fb page:
Thank you so much for coming to visit Button, and support Alex.  
50% off Button's auction will go to Alex and her girls <3

Button Blossom-  a 7"  Brownie by Posie and Pudge

Button Blossom-  a 7"  Brownie by Posie and Pudge

Button Blossom-  a 7"  Brownie by Posie and Pudge

Button Blossom-  a 7"  Brownie by Posie and Pudge

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