Greta Wolfskinder, an 11" Lilliput doll AND CUSTOM Knit Garment!!!

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The Wolfskinder dolls are inspired by a real life group of children who were left orphaned in Germany after the second world war. These children were forced to scavenge and steal to live, and were always on the prowl for a meal to sustain themselves, and often their ill or injured family and younger siblings, as well. Strong, steadfast and persistent, these children survived the unthinkable, and often times, were taken in by Lithuanian families who offered them shelter, food and even the love of family. 

Greta is a very special girl. She manages to stay happy and bright no matter how hard things seems to get for her and the other orphans. Her hair is made from baby teeswater locks that have been felted and laced with hand dyed silk for vibrant colour and rich texture. She is made in the traditional Waldorf fashion, using white Laib Yala doll tricot, and is filled with local, ethically-sourced wool that has been processed with biodegradable soap. Under her eye is a Swarovski crystal tear which shows her softness despite the hardships she endures. She has blue eyes. She will go home with bold striped socks for a little pizzaz. ;) Her scarf is upcycled wool and her dress is batik and cotton gauze.

Greta is such a special girl, that her purchase will include a CUSTOM hand-knit garment of the winning bidder's choice made from my own hand-spun yarn, also of the their choosing. 

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