Amorette a little love doll and gentle spirit... the kind of girl who will climb a mountain just to sing at the top, and give you her last bit of bread if you should need it.
Please note: no bread will come with Amorette, she simply cannot keep her hands off a deliciously warm baguette!

Gorgeous strawberry and light pink pure wool felt tones are Amorette's favourite outfit choices (please note any red looking tones in the photos are pinky-red strawberry, not red-red). She has a special cotton ribbon edging on her skirt too.

Amorette measures approx. 13 cm (5") tall. Her head is formed with wool and cotton, and her eyes and mouth embroidered on. Amorette has blue eyes, hand-dyed pink mohair locks for hair, and a little glow on her cheeks (from beeswax). She is built on a special wood and rope bendable frame for play or decoration. 

Dollhouse Dolls are recommended for ages 3 and up, do to small parts, and/or those who do not mouth items.

Important: Amorette is hoping to be in time for her favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day. Please choose "Priority" shipping to have tracking with Amorette, as otherwise she will ship without tracking and insurance.

If ordering more than one listing, shipping will be combined and overages refunded.

Tags: Dollectable, doll, dollhouse, bendy

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