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16" lil chickpea morgan.


little Morgan. Such a patient little one. Quiet and accepting, just like her big brother Balfour. She has been pouting, wanting a home of her own, and I promised her she wouldn't have to wait any longer. 

Morgan is my first little girl made from my baby pattern. Morgan is about 16" with her bent legs. (approx. 18") She has been made with de witte engel cotton interlock and stuffed with clean, local wool from a wonderful family farm. Morgans eyes are a bright, inquisitive green and her face has been kissed with freckles in all the right places. Her freckles have been done with archival permanent, fade and bleed resistant ink. 

morgan has been heavily weighted in her body, arms and legs and has a slightly softer body, perfect for baby cuddles. morgans arms and legs are able to freely move giving her a range of movement and more realistic feel. 

Her hair long wavy chocolate hair has been carefully crocheted into a cap and sewn securely to her head. 

Morgan isn't quite ready to show off all of her clothes. She has a beautiful blue party dress that she is so excited to show off for the holidays - Im just working on finishing touches. She'd like it to be a surprise for her new mama (but I'd be happy to share a picture)
Morgan will bring along her reversible overalls, red cotton velour and a red swiss dot cotton. 
her navy blue tshirt and fun winter leggings. 
She will have her woolen pompom hat, socks and booties as well. 

Morgan will ship on or before December 16th- the deadline for xpresspost christmas shipping within canada and the US. I cannot guarantee her christmas arrival overseas. 
Regular shipping to be paid for by customer, and I will cover costs of upgrades. 

$35 shipping within canada and the US - shipping overages will be refunded. quote is higher due to her weight. 
charges include tracking and insurance. 

Morgan is a very sweet girl, but is not intended for young children. Due to her weighting, she is suggested for an older child or an adult young at heart 

thank you so much for coming to see her and have a wonderful holiday!  xx Krissie

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$35 shipping within canada and the US. international shipping will be invoiced separately for exact charges. please contact for a quote.

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