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Bijou - a dreamer


“What are you dreaming of, Bijou?”

“I’m dreaming about the coming of Spring and birds singing, about beautiful lands and mountains, about long walks in fields full of flowers, about new friends and fascinating stories …”

 “And this dream will come true, my darling Bijou,” I answer. “Winter will end soon and you’ll travel to new places full of rich stories, meet your new family, who’s not only friendly and hospitable, but also tender and loving…”
“This journey will be the start of a new dream”, she says pensively. “ A dream of making music and singing along with the breath of the wind...” And she begins to sing softly one of the tunes she’s composed herself….

Bijou is about 16 inches tall. She’s made with Swiss cotton and stuffed firmly with eco-wool. She has a needle-felted face and embroidered eyes. Her hair is Camel weft crocheted into a mohair wig.

Bijou’s outfit echoes with the quintessential Parisian vibe - chic, crafted from exquisite materials, elegant, and effortless.
She will come wearing:
- a Liberty print blouse with a scalloped collar,
- a pair of lined cashmere shorts with a leather belt,
-a merino wool hand-knitted cardigan,
- long cotton socks, cotton underwear,
- a pair of cute and warm shearling boots,
- and a beret with pom-pom, hand-knitted with merino wool/silk yarn.

If you like to dream and wish for your dreams to come true, Bijou will be your perfect companion on this journey.

Bijou is recommended for children 6+ or an adult collector.
If you would like to see more pictures, please visit my blog!
Thank you!

Bijou - a dreamer

Bijou - a dreamer

Bijou - a dreamer

Bijou - a dreamer

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