Elfie- a 13" little brownie


a hermit-ish 13" house brownie

I am certain I am not alone in this, but sometimes, I just need to shut out the world and spend time in my own space with my thoughts.   To dream, to play, to create.    It's hard to find that time with my thoughts with little ones playing about and with sick days, and snow days, and school winter I stay up late when the moon is high and stars are twinkling and the night is quiet and get lost.   Often, I wander a bit too far in my own mind and when I jar myself back to reality, its been a week or two....or three.   I know, I'm a whack-a-noodle.  I'm a hermit.  A happy hermit.

Elfie was created in this quiet hermit-tude. 
And like a true brownie, she embraces the coziness of home.   She smells like fresh lavender, is embraced in the softest, coziest knits and soft, worn, vintage linens, and her smile feels like pure contentment.

Brownies are magical creatures, who love to gather and collect treasures.   Perhaps you already have a magical little brownie living in your home.....check cupboards you seldom use, you may discover a little trove of stolen goodies in a far dark corner, or a wee bundle of cloths and linens for a brownie to cozy up in.   Okay, quick, go check!  

If you don't happen to have a brownie in your cupboards already, Elfie would be more than happy to come and make herself at home with you.   And don't worry about preparing anything special for her, once she arrives she will tip toe about your house going  from room to room and gather up what suits her.  
She is a voracious reader, and if you happen to have any Virginia Woolf or Jane Austen...well, consider it to now be Elfie's.  She also loves gems and crystals of all kinds, and she has a particular proclivity towards pink anything.

Elfie will pack up all her belongings she has gathered here with us before she travels home to her new family.    In her bundle, she will bring:
-Her lovely self, of course.  And her clothing:  
-Hand knit cabled sweater with wooly polka dot elbow patches and a vintage shell button closure
-Hand knit striped wooly bloomers in pale pink and warm brown (naturally dyed with avocado)   with a bright pumpkin orange wool tie
-Hand knit wrap in pumpkin orange merino with a colorful trim
-An organic cotton long sleeved dress, hand dyed with natural dyes, and a polka dot pocket (for treasure gathering)
-A delicate skirt sewn from very vintage thread bare linen with the most beautiful crocheted trim.  
-Snuggly soft cashmere socks
-comfy leather slipper shoes
-a wee baby she made from found bits in my sewing room

Elfie is 13" tall, and sewn from mocha De Witte European tricot.  She is stuffed firmly with clean, carded wool and her facial features have been firmly needle felted.     Her elbows, knees, bum, and belly button are sculpted as well, and she is blushed all over with beeswax rouge and has a scattering of freckles from head to toe. Elfie's hair is beautiful Wensleydale locks, wefted and crocheted into a mohair cap, and attached securely to her cute little head. She sits with ease and has a lovely flopsy feel to her that is a joy to dress and play with.

Because of her many small parts, Elfie is made for the adult collector.

Thank you for peeking at Elfie!


Elfie- a 13" little brownie

Elfie- a 13" little brownie

Elfie- a 13" little brownie

Elfie- a 13" little brownie

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Elfie will be ready to travel in 3-5 days :)

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