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Ajala Autumn Girl 10" Inviting Play


Welcome to Ajala's world.  It is full of wonder and she is inviting YOU to play.

Watch her do these cartwheels here:

She is tiny at 10 inches but she can hold her own.  She has handmade alpaca weft hair.

 I took each alpaca lock and stitched, stitched, stitched, (together with all the other little locks) into a weft, and then washed, hung out to dry, combed, and crocheted together with mohair yarn to create her wig of natural red brown super soft alpaca. 

Ajala has an outfit with many handmade, original Inviting Play pieces:
  • deerskin leather shoes with button fasten (suede side out),
  • cotton print pants in a muted chartreuse, with blue spots, and pink felted knee reinforcements,
  • cotton long sleeved underdress in a very pale pink stripe with pale cotton lace (snaps in back)
  • cotton pinafore which ties in back with a pink ribbon in a colorful fall print
  • sewn flannel scarf, and crocheted mohair hat (its getting cold!!)
  • She will also come with cotton undies of course

All parts of Ajala and her belongings are handmade by me in my studio making her a truly unique, one of a kind, piece of doll art- suitable for the adult collector. 

Ajala has tiny stitched slate blue grey eyes. 

Like all of my dolls, Ajala is sewn together with cotton doll skin from Europe (Laib Yala), and stuffed firmly with American wool.

She is very comfortable in her natural state. 

Quick note about size: Ajala is a tiny whisper of a 10" doll.  She is much more like the size of my 8" dolls than the size of my much bigger 12" dolls. 

Ajala is not appropriate for children under 5 because of her hand wefted hair and small pieces.

To see more photos of Ajala :

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