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Forest and her friend Fox


Forest has a lovely sparkle in her eyes when she talks, an ability to make you laugh even if you aren't in the mood.
She is a very happy girl indeed! Impulsive and trusting, she fells in love so quickly and becomes a loyal and caring friend. My youngest son's remarked that she is super charming and funny. And I can assure you that Forest is a joy just to be around!

Forest is about 16 inches tall. She’s made with Swiss cotton and stuffed firmly with wool. She has a needle-felted face, embroidered eyes and painted freckles. Her hair is Wensleydale mohair locks, washed and wefted by me, and then crocheted into a wool wig.
Forest will come wearing a lovely festive dress with a peter pan collar and snap closure on the back; a pair of long underpants and a petticoat, both made of Swiss dotted cotton; crocheted alpaca/mohair boots; and a sweet little apron made from an English vintage, embroidered handkerchief.

Forest loves nature and is a friend to most forest creatures, who walk up to her and eat from her hands. Her true friend Fox never leaves Forest alone and would go to the end of the world for her.

The Fox is about 7” long and is crafted from wool, made according to the lovely pattern by Cynthia Treen .

Forest and the Fox are recommended for children 6+ or an adult collector.

If you would like to see more pictures of these two, please visit my blog!

Forest and her friend Fox

Forest and her friend Fox

Forest and her friend Fox

Forest and her friend Fox

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