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Doll Fairy Wings - Free hand Machine Embroidered

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I was visiting my friend 2 1/2 hours north of the city. She lives in the most magical place, right beside this large forest and they had snow!!!! OOdles of snow, whereas in the city of Toronto we have only bits of the white pre-christmas magic left now. It was a dream come true to be in this picture-book magic land. Can you imagine those pictures of pine branches so loaded up with snow that the branches almost touch the ground? Your feet sinking 30 cm deep into the most pristine white flakes. The forest so quiet that you could hear the heartbeat of a deer? Your breath making a white cloud as you breath -- oh.. how much fun it would have been to have you with me... 

While we were walking in the forest on a gloomy day, sky dark and the clouds heavy with more snow, I all of a sudden caught a pink sparkle to my right! I turned my head, not knowing what I would see... Imagine my surprise when I found the most perfect pair of fairy wings nestled amongst the snow on the branches of a small pine tree. 

How did they get there? Did they fall from Santa's sleigh on Christmas Even? Did a fairy outgrow these and leave them here in the hope somebody would find them? Did the small forest elves craft them in a crystal cave deep in the crevices of the rocks that make up the Muskoka shield? 

Oh.. imagine... 

These wings would fit a doll up to 16" to be worn during imaginary play.

The arms of the doll slide through the sparkly elastic. 


I am very pleased to offer these wings as a thank you for your support of my business -- The Olive Sparrow. 

This is a drawing entry. You add your name and a winner will be selected. The winner will receive the wings sent via regular letter mail. I am asking that if you win, you would cover shipping costs. These wings regularly sell for CDN$38


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