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Fidelia & Hemlock by Lavender & Lark


Fidelia & Hemlock
The Faerie Messengers

Fidelia & Hemlock are art dolls and not intended for play. Entirely hand stitched and needle felted from natural fibres (with the exception of Fidelia’s wings), they are a one of a kind set.
Fidelia has a wire armature wrapped in wool roving and hand stitched in cotton tricot allowing her to be gently repositioned for decorative purposes. Her dress is made from antique hand dyed cotton, silk and lace. Her top hat and boots are black suede and she has Tibetan lambswool locks. Her tiny features are hand embroidered.

Hemlock is needle felted on a wire armature. His saddle is repurposed leather and antique lace. He’s carrying an antique medicine bottle with tiny fairy mail rolled up inside. Both bottle and mail are decorative and cannot be removed or opened. 

Fidelia stands 7” high. 
Hemlock stands 3.75” high and 7.5” long.

Tags: Dollectable, Lavender & Lark, Art Doll, Fairy, Faerie

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