Pippi- 11.5" Pippi Longstocking - inspired GiggleSprout Doll


Meet Pippi! 

Pippi is a 11.5" tall GiggleSprout doll with beige skin, blue eyes and a spattering of freckles across her plump cheeks. She and all of her clothing/accessories were inspired by the 1988 film, "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking." 

Pippi comes with 3 dresses, a reversible cross-back smock, a t-shirt, 2 hats, a feather boa, white bloomers, 4 socks (but no matching pairs!) a pair of leather boots, and even her famous "scrubbing day" shoes - all handmade by me. 

Pippi's "skin" is cotton interlock by De Witte Engel of the Netherlands. She is stuffed with pure, clean wool and her eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton floss. Her cheeks have been lightly blushed with a beeswax crayon. Her hair is hand-dyed wefted mohair and can be gently styled in many other ways, although I'm partial to the braids.

I can't guarantee that she'll stay out of mischief in her new home, but I'm sure she'll light up your day! 


She even loves scrubbing the floors, as long as you let her do it *her way!*

*** Please note that, because of small buttons, snaps and laces on Pippi's clothing, this doll is unsuitable for young children. She is meant to be handled by an adult collector or older child, only. ***

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Pippi will be shipped from Tokyo, Japan via EMS within 3 days of payment. Please anticipate 5-10 days of transit time.

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