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Francis by Inviting Play 17" girl


Francis is a special and unique girl made by Inviting Play. 

She is made from my medium pattern and measures about 17" tall.  She has proportions of an older child with longer limbs and smaller head. 

Her body is more slight and slender than some of my dolls.  Her hair is made from gorgeous angora mohair locks that I purchased directly from a small farmer who lovingly tends her flock in Oregon.  They came to me washed but I wefted them and washed them again and made them into a wig for Francis.  Her hair is very thick and soft. 

It does shed some and you may even find some very clean tiny bits of hay or grass in it. I don't recommend combing this hair but you can finger style it and you can spritz and scrunch.  Francis is sometimes annoyed that her hair is curly and hot but truth be told - most people are jealous when they see it.  The hair is a gorgeous, natural, undyed shade of silverish greyish black.  What a beautiful goat has given us this hair for her. 

Like all my dolls, Francis is stuffed with wool and sewn from cotton doll skin.  Every piece of her attire was made by me with my own patterns and hands. 
She comes with :
  • red cotton undies with light blue elastic trim,
  • white cotton socks,
  • leather shoes that fasten with a wooden buttons,
  • She also has wide legged baggy pants with a red linen pocket,
  • a white tunic shirt with rainbow trim, and

  • a soft red cotton hat

Francis can sit unassisted and lean up against something to stand.  She is designed for the adult collector or for children who can care for her hair in a very gentle way  (7 and up).  She is not intended as a toy or for children under five.

PLEASE NO ANGELS - only sign up to purchase Francis if you'd like to adopt her as your own.  Please only one entry per household.

While I was making her this summer my thoughts often traveled to all the children of the world that seem to be caught in or fleeing from extreme violence and poverty.  Along with wool and care, I've packed Francis with empathetic despair and wishes for a more hopeful future

Thank you for supporting handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 

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I refund all shipping charges exceeding 1 dollar as I strive to charge exact cost of shipping but it is hard to estimate. I ship with insurance and tracking if at all possible. She will ship out in one business day

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