Custom Newbie spot!


Newbie custom spot!

This spot is for all those people who have never had a custom spot (so if you have a doll from me, but it was an RTG or a re-home, you are eligible)
The deposit is 20$, balance is due upon approval of doll.
You can choose any size and style, and I have a wide variety of skin tones and hair choices.
Not limited to but including  - yarn, TLS, weft, brushed mohair.
We can discuss clothing colours and styles.
this doll will be completed by the end of February/beginning of March.
Balance will depend on what style you pick
Jordans are 375$
Free Spirit are 350$
Annabelle are 250$

shipping will be 35$ within North America & 55$ rest of the World

Any questions just PM at

Custom Newbie spot!

Custom Newbie spot!

Custom Newbie spot!

Custom Newbie spot!

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