Robert - waldorf boy doll 13 inch high


Meet Robert - 13 inch, cute Waldorf boy doll. If you are looking for a good companion for your child - he is ready to join your family! 

This boy is made using traditional Waldorf doll making techniques. His body is sewn of cotton with an Oko test label from Switzerland and stuffed with quality soft wool. All seams are made carefully for durability and a long life. He is 13 inch high (33 cm), has hand embroidered blond hair and blue eyes. Although it isn't shown on the photos he can sit comfortably. He wears panties, a pants, jersey T-shirt decorated with cats (he loves cats and dogs:))), socks, shoes and knitted cardigan, hat and matching scarf. All made with care about details. I recommend him for children 3+.

Robert - waldorf boy doll 13 inch high

Robert - waldorf boy doll 13 inch high

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