Baby Fiene


Let me proudly introduce you to the very first LIEF monster baby, Fiene.

Fiene is an 18 inch baby girl with mocha skin, blue eyes and brown brushed mohair hair. She wears a blue terry diaper closed with a nappy, a pointelle cross over top with long sleeves, a cotton hand smocked (another first for me) romper and also comes with a handknit wool soaker for the nights. 

Fiene is a baby filled with giggles and likes nothing better then to give you big wet kisses. She is so very sweet, but dont be fooled by the sweetness, she likes to pull at your hair or earrings.

If her new mommy or daddy wants, I can also add another 4 piece outfit to her suitcase at the price of $ 60,--

Baby Fiene

Baby Fiene

Baby Fiene

Baby Fiene

Tags: Dollectable, LIEF monster, doll, handmade, wool, waldorf, steiner

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