Maia - Waldorf inspired doll, 15,75"(40cm)


Let me introduce a little girl named Maia.
Maia loves all cats and dogs and most of all, loves to read books.

 Maia  is a waldorf inspired doll made  by Julilale

She`s been made according to Waldorf technique - stuffed with clean quality wool. Her face (and the whole body) is sculpted (needle felted). She has golden tan skin - her body is made of high quality Swiss cotton jersey (Laib Yala).
Her hair is made of a mohair weft crochered into a cap and sewn to her head.

Maia has brown eyes, embroidered with cotton floss. Lips and cheeks are gently blushed with rosy beeswax.

Her clothes are made using hight quality materials.

She comes with three sets of clothing :
- gray dotted trousers with leather braces,
- white shirt,
- openwork, knitting  shawl,
- black and white dress finished with delicate lace,
- gray hat with pompoms,
- linen dress in sunny yellow color finished with lace,
- white openwork shawl ,
- knee,
- two pairs of knitted shoes (gray and orange-yellow) with a leather finish,
....and of course panties with lace ;-)

Maia also has a beautiful, leather bag with fringes in which he wears his favorite book...

all made with great attention to detail...I love detail ;-)

  In the right balance Maia can stand upright without support.

Maia will be ready to travel new home in 3 working days.

If you want to see more photos of Maia I invite you to

Thanks for visiting my shop!

Maia - Waldorf inspired doll, 15,75"(40cm)

Maia - Waldorf inspired doll, 15,75"(40cm)

Maia - Waldorf inspired doll, 15,75"(40cm)

Maia - Waldorf inspired doll, 15,75"(40cm)

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