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Avi - Cupcake Doll 10 inch


Lali Cupcake Doll
10 inch

Avi is ready for spring time! She's a little collector so when she goes out on warmer afternoons, she likes to carry her backpack and wear her dress with her big pocket. She loves flowers obviously and spends a lot of time choosing the perfect stones but sometimes her collections can contain the odd frog or lizard. You just never know what she's going to come in with. 

Avi is handmade using natural materials. Her head and limbs are firmly rolled wool. Her tummy is soft and huggable stuffed with wool and poly pellets for weight. She has sun kissed skin tone made from 100% cotton DeWitte fabric. Her hair is dark brown mohair. She has black eyes embroidered from cotton floss, sweetly blushed cheeks using beeswax color. Her clothing is handmade from cottons and linens with hand knitted fox ear bonnet and booties. Her backpack is crocheted from wool yarn. She wears a sun dress with black/white striped tights.

Avi - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Avi - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Avi - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Avi - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Tags: Dollectable, Lali Dolls, waldorf doll, handmade doll, baby doll, rag doll

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