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Noor 21" art doll


21" doll

Noor is really looking forward to spending her favorite time of year with her new family. She is thrilled December is here. She loves Christmas. She enjoys being out of school for the holidays. She likes snow, hot cocoa, Christmas caroling and curling up in bed on a really cold day and reading her favorite holiday stories. Today was a special day for her because she got to help me decorate the Christmas tree. She hoped I would have it up before she went to her new home. She also hopes her new family hasn't quite finished putting up their decorations so she can add her festive touch. She is fantastic at crafts. She gets a little heavy with the glitter though. We'll probably be finding bits of glitter for years to come all over the house but that's okay. It will remind me of the fun we had decorating. 

Noor has beautiful long red hair made from mohair weft and sewn into a wig. She has tender spirited eyes embroidered in green floss. Her head is made from wool and needle felted to shape her face and unique personality. She has a few freckles sprinkled across her cheeks. Her limbs are also needle felted wool, so are very firm and sturdy. Her body is firmly stuffed in wool. She measures approximately 21" tall. She has fair skin made from 100% cotton DeWitte brand fabric. Noor comes wearing an up cycled sweater, a pair of gray tights, panties, socks and fur lined boots. She'll also come with a birth certificate and blusher cloth.

Noor 21" art doll

Noor 21" art doll

Noor 21" art doll

Noor 21" art doll

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