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May-Line, 14 inches, Natural Fiber Art Doll by LesPouPZ




Let me introduce you to May-Line, a little posable doll.


May-Line will come to you in her ballerina costume, composed of the following:

- a fluffy tutu skirt

- a tiny pair of ballerina slippers

- a handknit ballerina wrap jumper

- a flower head band


May-Line is 14 inches. She's made of natural fibers and materials.

Her skin is DeWitte Engel fabric, in light peach colour.

Her hair is mohair weft crocheted into a cap, and styled into two crazy pigtails. It can easily be finger-combed and restyled.

May-Line is a posable doll. This means she can keep sitting and without assistance, but she can't keep standing up alone.

Her little body is weighted, which makes her really fun to hold and pose. Her limbs are firmly rolled.

She has a floppy head. So, with the weight of her hair, she naturally tilts her head. 

Her legs have a wooden-bead joint, allowing her to bend her knees very easily.


Her head is exclusively made of wool, hard felted to achieve her face features.

Her neck is constructed so that she can naturally tilt her head.

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Please note this doll is not suitable for children under 3 years, due to the presence of numerous little elements and long fibers.

She is made for doll collectors who will enjoy her presence. But she will enjoy light play tough!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my facebbok page.

Thank you for reading!


Tags: Dollectable, art doll, cloth doll, mohair, sculpture, felting, waldorf

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