The Olive Sparrow

Lark by The Olive Sparrow, 10” tall Natural Fiber Art Doll

CAD $325.00

Lark is a tiny 26cm tall. She is delicate but fierce.

Perhaps you have just the place in your heart to make her happy? She can be a bit demanding — but only when it comes to letting her wear summer clothes, even in the cold — because she says that’s why we have sweaters.

Larks’ dress is reversible—the floral print is made from a vintage blouse and so vivid in its colouring. Her hair is made from Teeswater locks that I processed and dyed. 

Her fluffy sweater is upcycled from a vintage angora sweater. Her socks are cashmere. Her underwear has sparkly waist band elastic. 

Her scarf is handknit from lovely variegated wool. It has a loop at one end and a dangly, blossom shaped bobble on the other. The scarf can keep her neck warm or be worn as a hat/headband. 


Lark is sewn from premium Swiss dollmaking fabrics, stuffed with natural clean sheep wool. 

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