Custom 12" Baby - Christmas Delivery

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You may see an album with the Waldorf-inspired babies I made and description to help you here: FB babies album

I will not make a copy of a doll already made.

Babies are 12 inches, they have string jointed legs, security jointed head (so they can look around) and sewn arms. They are sewn in doll knit, filled with warm wool and love.

Auction winner will be able to choose:
- Gender, anatomically correct or not
- Skin color
- Hair color
- Hair material: TLS, brushed mohair or bald baby. I do not dye TLS, so exact wished color may not be available. I use Dolly Mo mohair.
- Hair length (brushed mohair can’t be very long. TLS may be cut short)
- Eyes color
- Freckles or not
- 3 pieces outfit to choose from the followings: blouse, shirt, dress, cardigan, overalls, bloomers, pants, shoes, bonnet. If you are very generous during this auction I'll probably be generous too and fill the baby's suitcase with extras :-)
- Baby will wear a diaper made by Monkeys and Angels.
- Clothes main colors

Baby will be shipped no later than December first, so it should be fine for Christmas wherever you live, but I am not responsible if the doll gets lost, or stays too long in customs (some custom workers love to play with dolls) or whatever happens after doll is shipped ...

My Waldorf babies do not meet the necessary safety standards to be considered as toys. Naughty children should be avoided completely, as well as people allergic to cats (sorry).

Paiement is due within 24hours after the auction ends.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any question (

Thank you !

Custom 12" Baby - Christmas Delivery

Custom 12" Baby - Christmas Delivery

Custom 12" Baby - Christmas Delivery

Custom 12" Baby - Christmas Delivery

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Shipping is 8€ to France (10 US$), 15€ to E.U (20US$), 25€ rest of the world (32 US$)and will be free (payppal refund) if the auction goes high. shipping with tracking and insurance.

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