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Tiny vulenerability by Inviting Play


Yay!! Its my favorite upload of the year!  The free dolly upload!  

This little guy is made under my recent rules:
1. Make what and who i love
2.  Stay in the moment; each stitch is made according to a feeling in the moment that it is the best course of action.
2. Makes someone who is  tactilely pleasing.  Is he fun to hold?  
3.  Keep innovating - in this case - this little love is a re-think of an age old design, his innards hold the key 
4.  Movement - limbs should be free and mobile, floppy, life like
5.  Simplicity

Please only enter if you have a USA shipping address. Last year i spent a lot of  money on shipping to a foreign address only to have the winner send the doll back without accepting import charges saying a free doll wasn't worth the expense of a tax. Unfortunately, the toll this took on my emotional well being and my pocket book ruined future free uploads for the rest of the world.   Shipping is free within the USA.  I charge one penny for this doll so I receive the winner's PayPal address.   If the winner submits an address outside of the USA, that winner will be disqualified and I'll choose another.   

Tiny vulenerability by Inviting Play

Tiny vulenerability by Inviting Play

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