Pippi Primrose by Angelique Angels


Pippi Primose is a 15" doll and playset by Angelique Angels.

She is made in the Petit style with a 6" waist circumference. Her legs are sewn in and her arms are button jointed. She has a small rose quartz crystal in her chest. She is made with Swiss Tricot and stuffed with South African merino wool.

Her hair is red mohair weft crocheted into a cap using the technique developed by Gabi from Fairywooldolls. She has green eyes, freckles and slightly accentuated lips. She has knees, belly button and a little bottom.

She is wearing knitted knickers in cotton in a maroon and green combination with a matching maroon satin bow. She has stripy legwarmers that vary slightly in length and have been knitted in a combination of wool and bamboo yarn. Her oversized black shoes are crocheted in black yarn on a felt sole made from handmade felt. Her shoes tie with a green organza ribbon detail.

One of her outfits is inspired by the Lauren Child illustrations in her 2007 version of Astrid Lindgren's 1945 book Pippi Longstockings. She has a wide brimmed floppy hat in green printed cotton with a yellow organza ribbon and orange paper rose. Her shirt dress is made with a colourful floral print, white linen details and four handmade ceramic heart buttons in front. 

She comes with a blue dress made from a hand embroidered vintage tea cloth from India. This dress has a gathered skirt and puffy sleeves with ribbon details on the bodice and a button tie at the back.

Her Pappa's linen nightshirt is the third outfit in the set. This shirt is made in the old fashioned style and meant to be very big on Pippi Primrose. There are vintage lace details and a pearl button in front. The cuffs of the sleeves are a tight fit, helping to keep the nightshirt on.

Her companion, the monkey, Mr Nilsson has been knitted with locally spun and dyed yarn in brown and cream. He has a yellow organza ribbon around his neck.

In addition, she has a large carpet-style bag made with an upholstery fabric and Liberty of London floral print lining. 

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Pippi Primrose will be shipped within two days of purchase via the South African Post Office. She will come with a tracking number and insurance where possible. It will take one to two weeks for her to arrive.

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