15" Tallulah Brooke

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Tallulah and I would be thrilled for you to welcome her into your home. She is a 15", Waldorf inspired, cloth doll. She is made of the finest swiss tricot and stuffed with clean, sweet smelling wool. Her facial features are hand embroidered. Her cheeks are lightly rubbed with a beeswax crayon and her hair is made of brushed mohair, crocheted into a cap. Her body is firmly stuffed, but soft enough for hugging. All of her clothing was hand made by myself. She will come with all of the accessories that you see, Libery of London dress with sewn on snaps, knit shawl, little wool shoes with buttons, crochet pumpkin hat, upcycled denim overalls and a sweet and simple little pair of undies. Please be advised that Tallulah is recommended for older children or adults due to small parts that may pose a choking risk. I do offer worldwide shipping, please choose the appropriate shipping options.

Tallulah is being offered via one hour auction. I am sorry to say that I cannot accept payments. Please pay within 12 hours or she will be relisted. Thank you so much. <3

For more information on Tallulah, please head on over to my blog:

15" Tallulah Brooke

15" Tallulah Brooke

15" Tallulah Brooke

15" Tallulah Brooke

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