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Joey and Chippy - 12" Natural Cloth Doll

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Oh.. this girl... Joey, who actually is named Josephine Maria Rosetta (yep.. that is quite a mouthful), is full of beans and makes up all her own rules. She doesn't believe that girls should behave like girls (or boys like boys). She thinks it's more important to be yourself and to do good for others. Joey loves to climb trees and hence her pants always have rips at the knees... and grass stains -- although she has managed to keep those off her "new" jeans... 

She thinks that because us humans have special skills for healing, we should use those skills to help those that need it. No matter how many legs they have. 

I think it is because of her generous spirit, that animals let her find them when they are in need. Her most recent animal friend is a Chipmunk that she simply calls Chippy -- because as Joey said, I don't want to name him with a human name... when he is fully grown and well, I want him to go back into the forest and make his own family. 

Joey found Chippy at the bottom of a telephone pole outside her aunt Monika's house in the city (yep the maker here injecting some biographical detail). Joey thinks that Chippy must have fallen off the wire while running wild with his siblings. We think that he had a twisted foot, because he could not walk when we first found him and he was quite dazed. 

Because Joey and I have been following the Instagram account of "This Girl is a Squirrel", she thought that perhaps Chippy can trust her until he feels better... and look at how close he goes to her. Monika used to have pet chipmunks as a child and still remembers how they loved to snuggle. 

I think Joey would love to go live with a family that will also take Chippy on for now.. and help her care for him until he is fully recovered. 

As you can see, Joey doesn't think much of fussing with her hair -- she thinks that keeping it wild is what makes the animals be less afraid of her -- because she looks more like a wild being. Oh.. she does understand that every week (“if she needs it or not” to quote her) she washes and brushes her hair...

~~~~~Joey is a doll geared for an adult collector or child of 9+, with her hair being the delicate part~~~~~


Joey is a Waldorf-inspired natural cloth art doll created from my own pattern. She is very firmly stuffed and feels wonderful when held. She can sit on her own and her limbs move freely, giving her a supreme play value (and lets her put her arms around your neck to hug you back). 

She wears tie-dyed rainbow underwear, mismatched socks (the matching other socks will be included), a hand-knit sweater and matching scarf that also doubles as a headband-type hat, and a slouchy hand-knit sweater. Chippy is knit from fine alpaca wool and needle sculpted with embroidered eyes and needle felted stripes. He is stuffed with natural 100% carded wool. 

Joey’s shoes are hand-felted by myself after her wishes from bright blue wool.


Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)

Stuffing: 100% wool batt from Germany

Hair: Alpaca Wefted Fibers - fibre washed, sorted, sewn into weft and crochet into a cap by myself.

Clothing: 100% natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool), sweater hand-knit from Fiberartist hand-dyed wool. Upcycled blue-jeans fabric for pants. 

Shoes: wet-felted from premium merino wool. 

Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread


Every Olive Sparrow Doll prides itself with absolutely exquisite workmanship – tiny stitches, doubly sewn seams, smooth neck – quality of design and workmanship to show your child what is possible in a hand-made toy. (please make sure you read our paragraph on workmanship below). Please note that this doll does have small parts (buttons on the coat and hair toggles) and is recommended only for chil

dren over 3 years of age.


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