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Ramona 19" Girl by Inviting Play


This is Ramona

She's a bit silly and a bit funny

"Bring me my spy glass," she says

"What do you see?" I ask
"I'm going to need some stuff," she says.
"and what stuff is that?" I ask

"my overalls!" she said.
of course she needs overalls.  EVERYONE knows that

"what's the matter?" I ask

"I need a sailor's hat" she announced
{more like in an ah hah way than in a demanding way}
of course she needs a sailor's hat. 

"is it big enough?"

"and now I'm ready" she said
of course she is
"noooooo I need my oar" {this said in more of a demanding voice}

"let go!" she said

"whoooops" I said

"good bye" she said!
"ahoy there" I called!

and she set sail.
"good bye!  I love you!  watch out for alligators and quick sand!"

"there isn't any quick sand in the sea" she corrected

"watch out for pirates in that case!" I said.
"tell them to watch out for me!"  she said.

On her next adventure, Ramona will pack:

  • blue cotton undies with white trim,
  • grey cotton thin socks,
  • overalls with pockets,
  • cotton tunic with a ruffle and a collar in a pretty print,
  • woolen hand knit pinafore in soft yarn in a colorway of purplish greyish,
  • wine colored leather shoes that close with pewter buttons and an elastic loop, and
  • a folded newspaper sailor's hat made out of cotton.

Ramona has the Inviting Play armature system; Buried deep inside her woolly tissue is a muscular skeletal system that allows her legs and arms and neck to bend slightly and hold gentle poses.  She is very firm and feels just like a wool doll without armature.

Ramona's hair is made from mohair locks given by an American small farmer's goat.  I processed, wefted, dyed and crocheted them into her wig.  They are pretty sturdy ones and you can pin them back or ruffle them up.

Ramona is not a children's toy.  She was designed to be played with by adults. 

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 
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