The Spring Maiden by Lavender & Lark


Will they see your footprints in the morning?

Moving silently across a winter garden, whispering promises of spring to the sleeping earth as you go.

Are the children sleeping Lilla? Creep silently so as not to wake them when you deliver your special parcel.

Lilla is entirely hand stitched (with the exception of the her wings). She has a wire armature wrapped in wool and hand stitched in cotton knit skin allowing her to be repositioned. She is clothed in a billowy silk dress with a beautiful antique hankie apron. Her shoes and cap are wool felt. Her tiny features are hand embroidered and her hair is mohair yarn. She is wearing about her shoulders, a handwoven egg basket of paper wrapped wire. She stands 6" tall.

Lilla is a delicate doll not meant for little hands, she was made for decoration or gentle play by an older child (her basket is not meant to be removed). Not for children under 10.

She ships from Canada.

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