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Liam, 12-inch Natural Fiber Doll by Les PouPZ


Here's Liam! What a funny little boy, so lively and happy!
We can guess he got his lovely red hair and numerous freckles from an Irish great great great grandfather.

Liam is 12 inches (around 30cm). His hair is bouclé mohair yarn, crocheted into a cap and tightly sewn on. His skin is cotton jersey from the Netherlands, in a fair pink complexion. His body, head and limbs have been worked with wool through different techniques of rolling and needle felting. He's weighted with dollmaker's glass beads, into his belly. I love his round shapes, with nice belly and bum.


Liam will be wearing his boy's underwear, that is red checkered bloomers and a sleeveless undershirt with cute little boats prints.

He will also have his favourite handknit Irish sweater, along with a pair of woollen baggy trousers.

He will also bring his handknit knee-high socks, just in case the winter becomes really cold, because he hates cold feet.

To comfort him as well, he insisted in taking his plush doggie pet, Walter, and promised he will be very careful, and feed him well.
Liam will also have a cute green aviator-style bonnet that is not pictured here.

Please note this doll, his accesories, and his pet aren't toys destined to little children. Very little parts could become dangerous.
They should be washed in tepid water, and dried flat, away from direct sun or heat.

Thank you for reading,

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