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Emiko is as charming as she looks! As bright as the spring sun, and as cheerful to see, as the first flowers of the season, Emiko is a real sweetheart. 
I had different plans for the little felted face I had created. But her smile emerged and I knew she was going to be a special little soul. 

13" Emiko has fabric jointed knees that allow her to pose more easily and with a wire armateur neck, gives her a wide range of expressiveness. 

Her hair is a black mohair weft, crocheted into a cap, and cut into an adorable angled bob. She has almond eyes that seem to tell you a story, which are embroidered with black cotton floss. Her laib yala skin, has been sunkissed with tinted beeswax. 
Emiko has been sculpted and firmly stuffed with high quality, clean, local wool from happy sheep on a wonderful family farm. The wool has been processed free from any chemicals. 

Emiko's wardrobe consists of a designer cotton, floral babydoll top, layered, swiss dot tulle skirt, red wool crocheted maryjane shoes and a handspun crocheted hat. And of course, modest polkadot bloomers with coral lace elastic. She'll also bring her reversible hooded coat, a bright navy and white big polka dot on one side, with a dusty rose linen on the other side. 

For her more relaxed days, she will bring with her an off the shoulder rose knit top, emerald green, cuffed harem pants and a green pom pom touque. She'll also come with 2 pairs of socks, because a girl can never have too many cute socks!

Thank you for visiting little Emiko! I hope her smile brightened your day as much as it does mine. 
Happy April! 
krissie xx

please visit for more pictures of Emiko 

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shipping in canada and the US $20 includes tracking and insurance. Any overages over $1 will be refunded. international shipping will be invoiced separately for actual shipping costs. please allow a week for emiko to begin her travels


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